Harbour Towers – Bahrain’s Number One Business Address

Harbour Towers – Bahrain’s Number One Business Address

26 May 2019 | Uncategorized
Sabre Corporation, the leading technology provider for the global travel industry recently celebrated the opening of its new regional headquarters at the iconic Harbour Towers-East, within the Bahrain Financial Harbour Masterplan.

Sabre’s new office has been designed to reflect Sabre’s passion for innovation, and is equipped with latest state of art technology to provide support to large scale travel agencies and corporate travel buyers in the Middle East.

Moving to Harbour Towers raised the level of business operational efficiency to provide more support to Sabre’s growing customer base. It enabled Sabre to expand its operation to continue providing uncompromised levels of support.

Sabre said, “Harbour Towers enabled us to accommodate Sabre Travel Network operations on one floor after being split over two floors in previous location. The spacious area in Harbour Towers made it easier to bring the whole team together. The location, is very convenient and easily reachable with our customers and partners. The visitor parking in Harbour Gate is more convenient than previously.

“Location, amazing view, prestigious facilities, parking space for staff and visitors, spacious area which allowed to bring the helpdesk, training centre and staff stations all under one roof, high and professional security procedures, availability of maintenance and support from the building management and facilities team. In addition, Financial Centre Development Company BSC (c), the owner of Harbour Towers, provides continuous support and easy access to our visitors to our guests. The building facilities manager EFS team worked closely with us to provide full support for all installation and maintenance issues. EFS also helped us to easily relocate, fit out and equip the office to meet our business requirements they ensured a smooth relocation and uninterrupted operations.”

Harbour Towers has a wide range of office suites available for lease on competitive terms ranging from 50 sq m up to 1,800 sq m on a single floor. The floor layout plans enable efficient space utilisation without deep plan square. Prospective tenants can choose fitted or un-fitted space.

Also, there are a number of service office operators in Harbour Towers who can provide smaller suites on more flexible lease terms.

Harbour Gate forms the commercial centre at the heart of the Bahrain Financial Harbour Masterplan. Harbour Gate connects Harbour Towers which is the main social hub and is the Harbours main focal point. Harbour Towers offer the most prestigious office space and business address in the Kingdom and the two towers are visible from almost every point in Manama.

The largest office building in the Kingdom, Harbour Towers offers a first class experience with intelligent technology, secure facilities, unrivalled panoramic views and generous parking. The two office towers (East/ West) over 52 floors with more than 100,000 square metres of modern office space. There are currently over 4,350 car parking spaces on-site including the recently completed West Car Park.

Harbour Towers houses a full spectrum of financial service providers and institutions including those in the banking, legal and insurance sectors, consultancies, management companies, government bodies as well as ICT and Oil & Gas firms.

Sabre concluded “What makes a good landlord requires specific characteristics; communication, transparency, trust & flexibility, but meeting tenant’s needs is the key component to start a good relationship with them. So working on need & requirements will bring the business to all”.


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