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Following the agenda that the government of the Kingdom of Bahrain has as a part of the National Strategic Master Plan 2030 to protect the environment. Financial Centre Development Company launched a new recycling project for the tenants of Harbour Towers and Harbour Gate on the National Environment Day in February.

The company has had a recycling program in the building for a few years, but after moving to work with Nidukki, they will be able to measure how much recycling material is being collected on a monthly basis.

Nidukki is a waste management, recycling & cleaning service provider with 35 years’ experience in the Kingdom. Their business partners stretch across the island, consisting of both private and public sector organizations. Operating since 1984, Nidukki services more than 200 satisfied clients in the Kingdom today. As a leading waste management company in the country, they see the push for recycling, firstly as it is a national duty to protect Bahrain’s environment and secondly as a duty to protect the planet’s environment.

Nidukki started its recycling operations in November 2011 with a rented facility of approximately 2500m². They started with a modest collection of just under 3,300T annually of only cardboard, and grew to collect up to 13,400T annually in 2017 of mixed materials like several paper grades, cardboard and plastic.

In 2015, they successfully completed the construction of their own recycling facility of 3150m². The facility can handle up to 24,000 – 30,000T annually.

Harbour Towers and Harbour Gate managed to work with several tenants participate in this program since February, and they are still working on expanding the number of participants.

Sabre Travel Network Middle East were very interested in taking part in this initiative. They expressed “Ever since our company was established, we haven’t had a recycling program in place. We have recently started separating waste after entering the recycling initiative Financial Centre Development Company has launched in the building together with Nidukki.

We think it is our duty as a company and as individuals to take a step into protecting the environment, which will benefit the future generations. Ever since we started this program, our employees have been making an effort to separate their waste. We were provided with enough recycling containers in the office and therefore, there is no excuse not to separate waste.

Financial Centre Development Company and EFS Facilities Services Bahrain were very helpful when they introduced us to this program by providing us with enough information about it and providing enough recycling containers. They have been really cooperative answering all questions and concerns we had.”

This project aims to conserve energy and natural resources, as less of both is required to recycle waste material and producing virgin material. This will also conserve the energy and resources used to dispose waste and reduce the waste dump into the landfills.


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